ArpeGio Glove

The Story:

I used to glue fake nails on my natural nails and after years of continuous glueing I developed nail problems.

In late August 2017 it got really bad and I had to go to the skin doctor who prescribed me some medicinal cream and strongly advised me to stop gluing plastic on my nails.

When I went to the farmacy to get the product prescribed, the farmacist also gave me a glove to protect the cream on my fingertips.

I went home, I put the cream, wore the glove and I thought that I wouldn’t be able to play fingerstyle guitar anymore as I used too and that was too bad!

Then I took the guitar and started playing while wearing that glove and although the sound was muffled and was nothing compared to when I had artificial nails, that glove had me thinking and that’s when I got inspired! 

So I started, motivated by my desperate will of getting back to my fingerstyle playing as I used to do.

The glove has the following characteristics: 

Tightly fit on the hand and fingers.

Comfortable and light feeling for easy fingers movement.

The best way to use the glove is by playing using your finger tips paying attention on your finger tip not on the nail, the nail (pick) comes after and is meant to be there just to give that extra plucking edge for the finger to produce a more solid sound.

For the reason that the less tension there is, the better it is for the whole hand, the glove does not have the little (fourth) finger also because that’s the least used finger for guitar finger-style, and that’s one reason why the nail on that finger grows better and won’ t break while playing guitar (as very few times needed).


The guitar player while playing will not worry about breaking or causing damage to his/her finger nails as that often happens to guitar players that play fingerstyle who then solve the problem like I used to by sticking with some superglue, nail shaped plastic on their own natural nails.

And as the glued natural nail will be continuously under stress by plucking guitar strings, time after time the fake nail will need constant maintenance and re-gluing.  

Being under constant contamination with these chemical products (including nail glue removers) in time that will cause skin infections, fungus and damage to the natural nail (l know it by experience) as these chemical products are meant just to be used safely for fashion and aesthetic reasons.

Wearing the glove I invented will give a guitar player all the advantages of having strong unbreakable nails without recurring in gluing artificial nails.

Just wear it tightly and enjoying playing the music and the style you want to play, with this glove a guitarist will be able to play any style of music, from flamenco to classic to 

rock, funk, country, jazz and more, the most complete fingerstyle tool for guitar players!

© Gio Guido 2017